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Choosing a Maine Plumber

How To Select A Plumbing Contractor:
Your home’s plumbing systems are important to your family’s health, safety and comfort. So when the time comes to call a plumbing contractor, make sure you choose a qualified, full-time professional and not just a “handyman” that does this type of work on the side.

Members of the Madison Association of Plumbing Contractors are professionals dedicated to following health and safety regulations, continuing their professional education, using the latest technology, conservation efforts and apprenticeship training. Their membership in the Association illustrates their commitment to the plumbing industry and their profession. Please refer to the Membership Directory Page of this Web-Site for more information on member firms.

You will find some helpful hints to consider when looking for a qualified plumbing contractor:
wrench Request An Estimate: Talk to the contractor about the overall cost of the job. Remember that the lowest estimate should not be the only criteria for selecting a plumbing contractor. Consider those items discussed below:
wrench Check For A License: Wisconsin requires that plumbing contractor be licensed to ensure that health, safety and building codes are followed. Ask the contractor for his or her license number, or call the Wisconsin Safety and Buildings Division – Credentials Department at (608) 261-8500.
wrench Time-Frame: Discuss with the contractor when they will be able to get to the job and how long it would take to complete it. This may be another factor in determining the contractor you select.
wrench Discuss The Option of Service Agreements: Many plumbing contractors also offer service agreements, which provide periodic check-ups for your plumbing system. Periodic inspections can many times prevent major emergencies, which make them worth the financial investment.
wrench Ask For References: Homeowners and clients for whom the contractor has previously worked are a good source of information. Ask the contractor for names of customers in the area, then follow-up with the references and ask their opinion on the contractor’s work.
wrench Confirm Insurance Credentials: Check to see that the contractor has both liability and workmen’s compensation insurance. You could be liable for any accidents on your property if the if the contractor does not have the appropriate insurance.
wrench Check Into Building Permits: Contact the Wisconsin Safety and Buildings Division at (608) 266-3151 to see if you need a building permit for you project. The plumbing contractor you select should be able to assist in obtaining the appropriate permits.
wrench Check The Contractor’s Reputation: Call The Wisconsin Better Business Bureau at 1-800-273-1002.
wrench Find Out If There Is A Warranty: What does the warranty cover and for how long?

What is MAPC?
The Madison Association of Plumbing Contractors, Inc. is comprised of individual contract plumbing firms serving Southern Maine as well as area suppliers and manufacturers. Established in 1946, for purposes of sharing industry information and maintaining consistent industry standards through education and licensing, the MAPC has expanded its membership benefits to include continuing education, programs that provide cost savings to member firms, the coordination of lobbying efforts on licensing and regulatory issues, labor relations and affirmative action.  A Board of Directors governs the Association. 5940 Seminole Centre Court, Suite 12  Auburn, ME